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Friday, October 20, 2017

Zumba Outfit Suggestions

Zumba is so popular  and now I know the reason why.  I love to dance and Zumba is exactly what I am looking for and what my body craves.

Zumba outfit is somewhat very challenging, but the important thing here is you have a good pair of rubber shoes and simple top and shorts will do. 

 I did not buy my outfit purposely, what I used during Zumba session were recycled all clothes and few black pants. That violet tops I bought from former officemates who got bulk of clothes from Taytay and sale them in very cheap price.

This red terno was actually a basketball uniform during one office sportsfest, that was so many years ago.

Another violet shirt combined with tri-colored tights that is more than 10 years old now.

This blue top was an old blouse, I wore it when I was thinner and that was many years ago too. That blue fitted pants I bought at one of the arcade located at Quiapo.

A simple yellow shirt is okay and combined it with black jogging pants.


My orange zumba, bought that blouse many years ago and I think it transformed into a perfect zumba outfit.

Zumba in pink, that short pants was gift from cousin and the pink blouse I bought from one ukay ukay store in Marikina.

Well, aside from the dance, I am also excited about the zumba outfit that I am going to wear.  You can buy the most expensive if you can afford it, but if you have too many unused clothes at the closest, it is sometimes more exciting to reinvent. Just have a good taste for combining clothes.

Some friends just cut their old shirts  and it became a sexy zumba outfit. So it is all defend on you.

In Black Stockings

She is my favorite actress Ha Jiwon, I am not trying to imitate her because our body frame is just so different, she is sexier hahaha.  But I also love to wear black stockings or anything fitted black to combine with my skirt or long blouse or whatever you called it.

I am wearing my long blouse or probably a short dress, which  I bought from one of the H&M outlet in Singapore.  I guess it is rare that I see a blouse that I like instantly and with a size that fits me.  I always combined it with black stockings or black fitted pants.

This is my real favorite, I wore a black skirt and combined it with Animal print blouse that my former boss gave me on Christmas. Oh yes my favorite actress also combined her black skirt with a black stockings

My long blouse here is actually a dress, but since I am tall and quite big, it became a long blouse hahaha. I used to combine this with black stockings, but in this photo I was wearing a black tight.

That short dress I bought from ORA, and their boutique is located at Bluewave Marikina, The black coat or blazer I bought from Ukay Ukay, yes I am that honest.

I combined another black fitted pants with a long large blouse that I bought from Uniqlo, Singapore. I got it for a very low prize.

But there are times when I don't wear stockings too and just bare.  Yes I am not ashamed... It is a trend today, anyone can wear short dresses, even the pluz size or even bigger than the plus size.   

Dressing up is as long as you are comfortable., no one should bother you...

Sunday, April 12, 2015

OOTD Combinations of Old and New, the Result was Unexpected

Sometimes, planning a wardrove everyday is a  luxury.  Sometimes you just can't find the right combination, sometimes you just want to feel  comfortable  but most of the time we wish to look more presentable and beautiful.
My Outfit of the day was not really special, in fact the long skirt was just a recycled one.  It was more than a decade years old and had undergone several repairs. I just thought it will look great with my black blouse with accented open shoulder style or what my friend called as "cold shoulder" style.

my rules are simple, if my top or blouse is flaunting too much skin, my skirt or pants must be conservative enough to cover the legs.  If the length of my skirt is above the knee, my top is usually long sleeve.  
  I matched my Outfit of the day with my black shoes.    
And like I said the result was unexpected.  officemates younger or older complimented my style and I told them the history of my long skirt, and how I arranged my closet in a way that I will know what next combination to wear.

Thanks so much to those people who love my style..

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Red and Red Combinations

Beauty is how you feel it.

Sometimes, you just found yourself getting your dainty dress from the closet, and you wore it like you never wore a dress ever since, and people will notice you and tell you how good you look and will request you to dress up that way often.   Why not ? I mean why is it  a big deal for me to wear a dress?                                                                                                                                                    

Dress by Bobby Fajardo (Robinson's Metro East)
Let me tell you a short history of this dress.  My cousin was getting married in a civil rite, and I didn't have a new dress to wear, but I know I have enough choices at my closet, budget was quite tight anyway,  but still I tried to look for one...  I had few qualifications, If I saw one that is reasonably cheap, well at least P500.00, I guess it will be my fate to buy a new dress, but price must not be the only deciding factor, it  should also fit me or should at least look good on me.    Since I am from Marikina, my feet led me to Robinsons' Metro East.  Robinson's has always been my source of  precious clothes.. I always found one that fits my qualification.   I was lucky that there was a sale going on, and this dress that I spotted was 50% on sale.  I am not really a fan of printed clothing but the design of this one will give an optical illusion to the one looking, bulges and stomach they seemed hidden somewhere hahaha.                                                                                                                              

Bag Kenneth Cole, Wallet Kate Spade, Red Accessories by Halo
My choice of accessories were almost instant.  The  my printed dress will look good with my red Kenneth Cole bag and other red accessories.  Wearing my gladiator sandals with red strap was instant.
Shoes by Vellyn

Although I am on a heavy side, I still love to wear above the knee clothing. If I have black or gray combination I usually wore black stockingss.  I am not really confident wearing  dress exposing my legs, so during those years when stockings were out of trend,  I used leg make up instead.Black stockings are "in" today but I realized I don't want to be typecasted for  always wearing it.  So I am trying to get used to wear a dress without putting cover ups to my legs.

I like this dress, it encourages my confidence, .  I wonder if all Bobby Fajardo's clothing lines are meant for chubby girls...I guess I will need to visit Robinson's Metroeast again and I will see for myself...

Friday, August 15, 2014

My Day of Gray,Black and Silver

It was not one of those normal day when I know I have enough energy.  But I need to report for work, I need to dress fine... But I don't know what to wear yet... Looks like I am running out of jeans or slacks and I feel like I need to wear skirt or dress etc.  But my tired spirit dictated and I listened... Wear something comfortable....Wear a flat shoes, loose blouse and old pants...

I ended up with this Gray with black combination loose blouse. I bought it from my office mates and the price was less than P500.00.  I combined it with my gray pants, and another shade of grey colored shoes.

Whether I  looked good or not  I need to have a picture or pictures for the day... We experience days like that when we feel more comfortable wearing loose and long blouse, pants and  flat shoes. Gray is one of my favorite and comfort colors,  it's like having an alternative when I think I wear Black too often

I just feel tired that it looks natural to rest my back at the wall..I did not expect the drama effect,  hahaha

Thanks to those who acted as my photographers...

I usually combined my blacks with gray and silver.

I have such a very big feet... well aside from the fact the it is long it is also very wide.  My shoes size is 10 1/2 depending on the the designs of the shoes. Sometimes it can reach up to size 11.  My shoes are mostly customized and I regularly ordered from Vellyn's.   I can give you the contact number if interested.

My Shoes by Vellyn 

Moral lesson of the day, even if you don't feel good, don't forget your style... and that means comfort...

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunnies, Sunglasses.......

Before I start with this blog, I would like to acknowledge this link for helping me know my sunnies: If you love sunglasses you should know its parts.
This Photo was taken at Hongkong, Disneyland, Sunglass by Mango

Well we call it sunnies or sunglasses and we use it to protect our eyes from the sun.  But this simple eye wear became part of my everyday wardrobe.  My eyes are kind a weak when the sun is rising at the peak... so I can't  leave the house without my sunnies.  When I don't feel good and definitely not looking good, the more that I have reasons not to leave my sunnies at home.
This Photo was taken at HK Disneyland's souvenir shop

 I like sunnies and I realized I should collect more especially if I am  using it everyday.  I thought one with a brand is enough, I mean it's ok if my sunnies are not Oakley, RayBan or whatever, I need to have a spare sun-glass because I'll never know when are they going to break especially that at times I am a bit careless..

My sunnies that my cousin gave me had a beautiful leather pouch but it's not hard enough to protect the sunnies.   So one day, I left my bag  at the couch, then my dog Peso climbed the couch and sat on the bag. The sunglass was still there and as expected, one TEMPLE  is already detached from HINGE. OK my growing passion for sunnies made me realized it's important that I know its parts.  The Temple is often called the arm,  the one that extends to the ears to keep the sunglasses in place. Hinge is the portion of the frame that connects to the Temple.

This Photo was taken at Singapore Incheon Airport sunnies by Guess
My second sunnies looked protected with its hardbound, solid, bulky case. So I am confident it is shockproof.  I was also very careful with it because for someone like me, that sunnies was expensive.  I used the sunnies everyday except when it's raining. One summer day  I just heard a click sound while wearing the sunnies.  I didn't know  it came from the sunnies, and when I was on my way to LRT station I just felt that the frame of my sunnies is becoming loose and when I checked on it, the "eye size" was already out of the frame.  I was a bit disappointed with the brand, and when  I asked one Sales lady of a particular eye wear brand,  she said  one of the possible reason is I am acidic.  The sunnies that I used is made from plastic and the plastic material has the tendency to become brittle when exposed to acid.  I am really acidic, I am aware of that, will it mean I will avoid plastic sunglasses? of course not..  I learned my lesson well, so I should have  spare sunglasses and I should use it alternately so each of them will have rest from acid exposure.  Now I have reeasons to collect...

Sunnies by Guess
More than protecting our eyes from the sun, these sunnies normally bring out the glamour in us.  Who does not look good when wearing sunnies? Instantly the "movie star" look in us shines unexpectedly.                    
Sunnies by Armani Exchange
But I believe, we don't need to spend much when it comes to sunnies or sunglasses, of course if you can afford the branded type go for it.  But if the budget is limited, try to look around, there are lots of good sunnies and yet a lot cheaper.  After my experience with the branded that broke down without a warning, I realized brand is not important, as long as it can go with your lifestyle, well that's enough.  I would like to recommend i2i eye wear collection, for a very reasonable price you can get a good sunnies that never break easily.   I wore it when I was at the Potipot Beach Resort. It indeed matched my rush guard..

I bought one sunnies  at Maldita Outlet in SM San Lazaro, it  costs around P300.00 only, I didn't buy it because it is cheap(that's a bonus), bought it because it really made wonder to my face when I wore it.
Sunnies by i2i
Sunnies by i2i
Sunnies by Armani Exchange
Again I am lucky to have generous cousins,  Ate Tina went home to the Philippines and one of her too many gifts for me was the Armani Exchange sunnies.   I use it alternately with my i2i and Maldita.  Honestly I would like to start my sunnies collections, but my targets are those not so popular brands that I see in  malls, it costs cheaper but it does not look cheap

But most of all always remember that we use sunnies to protect our eyes, looking gorgeous is just secondary..

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Outfit on a Cowboy Attire Party

All photos were taken December last year, during our office christmas party and the theme is Mexican or cowboy attire.  I didn't have budget to buy a new costume so I just search the closet, and got disappointed not to find a checkered polo.  Instead I got  long sleeve shirt with animal print designs, wore a blue leggings that my cousin and I bought at H&M Singapore, I did'nt have a maong pants, I mean I gained inches my maong can't fit me anymore. And pardon for wearing a Reebok rubber shoes instead of  boots....I really wish I had one, but it will be hard to buy one with my size.... My friend told me to try At Payless shoe store.  I also wore a long Maong chaleco  or vest with hood.  I think cowboys wear vest right?  My officemate/friend braided my long hair and I ended up looking like indian and cowboy at the same time.  Well I just thought, if all of them will be playing cowboy, someone must play like Pocahontas or An indian....  To avoid the confusion, my officemate lent me his extra cowboy hat. Now do I look like a real cowboy now?

without the hat, I think I looked like an indian in disguise